Speeding Ticket Affect on Car Insurance

You may be wondering what to do now that you were cited for speeding. It is not necessary to immediately contact your car insurance company although it is not a bad idea to give them a heads up if you have a decent relationship with them. The ticket alone may not impact your coverage, but when it is combined with other factors it can lead to higher rates.

Type of Car

Sports cars are often targeted by police who are on the lookout for speeders. For this and other reasons, drivers of these cars probably already have higher than average premiums. Adding speeding tickets to the mix is guaranteed to result in increased rates.


How much you were driving over the speed limit is important. If your ticket is for a speed that exceeds the limit by a small amount, it is possible that your insurance provider may view it as a minor infraction and not penalize you for it. This is particularly true as long as it is a random occurrence. However, speeds in excessive of 20mph over the limit cannot be overlooked. Speeding in school or construction zones will be viewed as especially reckless.


Speeding that contributes to the cause of an accident will result in higher rates and possible loss of coverage. Drivers who speed in poor driving conditions and are then involved in an accident, with or without another vehicle, are seen as high-risk drivers by insurance companies and are rated accordingly.

Other Tickets

If you have more than one speeding ticket, you raise your chances of receiving an increase in your premiums. The documented speed on each ticket contributes to the insurance company's decision. Not only do you lose any safe driving discount you may have received, you are now rated as a high-risk driver. The more tickets you receive in a short amount of time, the more likely your insurance provider will simply cancel your coverage because of the risk you pose to them.

Rate Increases

Rates do not increase overnight. Just because you do not see an immediate change in your premiums, do not assume you are scot-free. It may just take a few months for the ticket to catch up with you or your insurance company may wait until your annual renewal. Your insurance provider will have a policy in place that details how this is handled. Rate increases that result from speeding tickets stay in affect for up to three years, which is the amount of time the ticket stays flagged on your driving record.

The greatest potential impact of a speeding ticket is that your car insurance coverage is dropped entirely. And if you are dropped by one carrier, it may be difficult to get another one to accept you as a customer. When you do get a new policy, you should expect to pay substantially higher premiums.