Ways to Get Car Insurance Discounts

Nearly all insurance providers offer discounts of some type to new and existing customers. Discounts are given for multiple reasons. Car insurance companies market them as rewards for safe driving. Many people view them as incentives for customers to select one provider over another.

But it is not always obvious the discounts available from each company. While some discount opportunities are actively promoted, others remain hidden until you meet eligibility requirements. Multiple factors are taken into consideration for discounts. A few of the main ones are described below.

Driving History

This is the one thing that insurance companies can accurately rely on to set rates. It can also be used by you to get discounts. As long as you have a long driving record that is free of tickets and accidents, you should receive major cost savings. If you are not sure you are getting the right discount, ask the insurance provider what they know about your driving record to make sure they have correct information.

Driver Age

Insurance providers relate your age to the length of time you have been a driver. So if you are around middle age and have been driving since you were a teenager, you may be eligible for certain discounts. A person the same age who is a new driver or has been driving for only a few years will not receive the same discount as you do.

Good Credit

You may not know if a particular insurance company includes your credit score when calculating rates because they do not have to notify you when accessing this information. But if you have a high credit score, you want them to know so just tell them. This can result in a decent discount for you. Be sure to verify your score before communicating with the insurance agent. You do not want to inadvertently bring attention to a score that is lower than you expected.

Past Coverage

The longer you have been paying for insurance, the bigger discount you can receive. Of particular interest to prospective insurance providers is the length of time you stayed with past providers. You can use this to your advantage if you want to stay with your current provider. A loyalty discount may be available for customers who have received coverage for a specific period of time.

Many insurance companies advertise the discounts they offer to customers. Others quietly include them as part of the rate calculation. Either way, these are valid ways to get inexpensive car insurance. Do not leave money on the table.